10 Cost-Effective Upgrades To Boost Performance and Style

If you’re looking to boost the performance of your car but don’t want to stretch the bank too much, there are plenty of cost-effective upgrades you can do. We’ve got 10 such upgrades for your tasty ride ranging from aesthetic to performance improvements. Read on below and get ready to hit the open street with style!


Aquarium Fluids –

If you’re looking for a cheap way to increase the power and torque of your engine, aquarium fluids are an effective option. Running aquarium fluid through the intake manifold can provide a substantial increase in power and torque due to better vaporization.

Air Filters –

Upgrading your vehicle’s air filter can provide a noticeable improvement in engine performance by helping reduce air flow restriction and allowing for improved combustion efficiency.

Fix Minor Damage –

Fender benders, cracked windshields, paint scratches and dings in the car’s body can all detract from the appearance of your vehicle. Taking simple steps like getting these issues fixed or performing small body repairs can help restore or even improve on how your car looks in no time.

Custom Tinted Windows –

Window tinting is both an aesthetic and practical upgrade that decreases interior temperature and protects occupants from UVA/UVB rays while blocking out 99 percent of infrared heat waves and increasing privacy within the cabin space.

Install LEDs/HIDs –

Swapping out dated halogen headlights with more modern LED or HID headlights will not only change up the front end look but it will also improve visibility when driving at night. Not only that, but LEDs typically last longer than halogen bulbs meaning fewer replacements down the line due to their lower wattage draw requirement versus traditional halogen bulbs making them more energy efficient as well as stylish!

Wheel Rims Upgrade –

Dressing up your rides wheel rims with custom size bigger wheels/rims not only adds elegance but also can make driving easier depending on tire options offered (larger wheel diameter  better traction). You don’t need to go crazy though since some manufacturers offer wheel packages that include tire sets so it’s easy (and safe) to coordinate sizes between both!

Exhaust System Upgrade –

A custom exhaust system not only adds an edgy sound but it reduces back pressure needed for combustion efficiency thus freeing up additional horsepower ideal for those spirited drivers who want that racecar feel without sacrificing engine health

Suspension Upgrades –

For those driving on rough terrain often, investing in suspension components is necessary – shocks/struts specifically go hand-in-hand with wheel upgrades when needing additional clearance based on road conditions which ensures maximum safety during drive time!

Wrap It up –

Adding a vinyl wrap or decal onto exterior features like hoods, bumpers etc.-can give vehicles an entirely new look within minutes instead of hours if painted manually so it’s perfect if one doesn’t have time (or budget) for expensive paint jobs! Plus they protect against UV rays which fades original coatings over long periods of exposure already saving loads later down road trips 😉

Audio System Overhaul–

If music bumps during commutes then why not invest into audio components? A refurbished stereo system with added subwoofers paired headphones plus amplifiers ensure ultimate quality sound along every type trip imaginable now possible thanks technology advancements made~

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