The 10 Must Have Car Accessories For Drivers

When purchasing a car, there are some must-have car accessories that every driver should consider. With the right accessories and gadgets, you can enhance the look, security and comfort of your vehicle. Keep reading to learn about ten of the most essential car accessories for drivers. 


1. GPS System –

A GPS system is great for any long distance traveler or if you’re just looking to get around town without getting lost. A quality GPS system will give you turn-by-turn directions so you don’t have to waste time searching for your destination. 

2. Dash Camera –

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular among drivers of all ages as a way to provide recorded evidence in case of an accident or other driving incidents involving a third party such as vandalism or theft. In addition, many police departments accept footage from dash cams when investigating vehicular incidents. 

3. Cell Phone Mounts –

If you’re like many people on the road today, you probably find yourself constantly reaching for your phone while driving instead of keeping both hands on the wheel at all times. To keep yourself safe and minimize distractions, invest in a good cell phone mount that securely holds your phone up within close reach but allows you to stay attentive while driving. 

4. USB Charging Ports –

Most cars these days come with built-in USB charging ports but you can always add additional ports if yours just isn’t enough to keep everyone’s devices charged during long journeys or simply when multiple passengers have their electronics out in the car at once! 

5. Backup Cameras –

Backup cameras have become standard on newer vehicles, but they can also be added aftermarket to older models as well using universal cameras connected to their own monitor with audio/visual warnings activated when backing up too close to objects behind it!.

6. Car Alarm & Security System –

Safety is always a priority and having a top-rated security system installed in your vehicle is an important step toward ensuring this goes hand in hand with convenience and peace of mind whenever traveling alone by car! 

7. Fog Lights –

Anyone who has ever driven in heavy fog knows how important it is to equip your ride with high quality and powerful fog lights which significantly improve visibility compared to regular headlights during cloudy conditions by illuminating more area on either side of the vehicle itself instead of just straight ahead! 

8. Car Refrigerator –

Whether taking long trips across country or simple day trips throughout town one accessory that many drivers find necessity is having some type refrigerator inside their automobile because nothing beats being able to enjoy cool refreshments during those hot summer drives without having them warm up due lack storage space away from direct sunlight exposure while remaining safely seated inside cockpit area!  

9. Portable Air Compressor –

A portable air compressor lets drivers quickly pump up flat tires as needed anyplace and anytime rather than having rely exclusively upon roadside assistance programs which may take longer to adjust tire pressures back into safe operating range once again especially during weekend excursions far away normal service centers access. 

10 Auxiliary Power Adapter & Splitter –

This adapter serves multiple purposes; it acts both as an auxiliary port and splitter allowing multiple devices with no auxiliary input (like smartphones) connect through single headphone jack at same time without needing separate cables each device then routed different connection ports across dashboard thus providing maximum flexibility while minimizing clutter caused dozen dangling wires all over dash area simultaneously (not mention headaches trying untangle them!).

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